'Triple R' Project

The 'Triple R' Project

A Closed-Loop UpCycling Initiative

The 'Triple R' Project is an initiative created by 1201 B Studios to prioritize a vision of the future within the jewelry industry. As sustainability becomes essential for progressive thinkers, we believe that our objecive to preserve the earth will start with change. We seek to initiate this revolution through 'Bagatiba' - our ethically responsible jewelry brand based in Los Angeles.


We've always believed that one of the most beautiful things about making jewelry, aside from creating everyday essentials for stylish modern women, is the idea of innate recycling through traditions, heirloom, and the personal meaning of each piece. Jewelry can be recycled repeatedly without altering its properties, even when broken down to its original form - and that is often where the honest sentimental value lies. Through this initiative, we've come to understand the jewelry industry was almost created to upcycle naturally.


In 2020, we set a goal to give new life to unwanted metal jewelry. We have created a 'Closed-Loop Cycle' return policy accepting all old or new metal jewelry from any brand located anywhere in the world, in trade for a 30% discount towards your next purchase with us.


The main intention of this initiative is to 'close the loop' of buying and discarding. In return, we want to support the circulation of these metals so they never end up in landfill or turned into waste where they can be harmful to the environment.


After we've collected unwanted jewelry, our next order of operations is to recycle and reuse each piece appropriately. A term coing 'UpCycling' will then give these metals a new life in the form of regenerated jewelry, objects, and art projects to be determined by composition and decomposer of each metal.


We know that no one company is perfect, but the 'Triple R' Project is our promise to 'Return, Recyle & Reuse' while spreading awareness and reduce our carbon footprint as an entire industry.


We invite all jewelry brands to join this initiative.

We don't think sustainability should be a secret, it should be a standard.


Thank you.


Jessie Andrews

Founder & CEO

1201 B Studios





The 'Triple R' Project:

A Closed-Loop UpCycling Initiative

Collect your unwanted metal jewelry.
(we accept all brands and in any condition)

Include your name, email address &
'Triple R' contribution inside.

Then send it to:
1201 B Studios
8323 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90069

We will contact you with your discount code
& a special thank you!

Visit our 'Sustainability' page to learn more about how we reduce our carbon foot print.

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